Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Profit Proposal

The groundwork is laid. This blog has a readership of at least ten people. Google Adsense is installed. The time for all of us to get rich has come.

The Freakwenter is now soliciting content. Think short blurb. Incredible recipes. Links to astounding news sources. My Freakwentness will keep track of who contributes and pay all contributers a fair share of the revenue. Email your contributions to

So start thinking about what you're going to submit!

Notice! Any email, or some distorted version thereof, that is submitted, could show up on the blog, excluding names and mailing addresses and phone numbers and social security numbers, etc. Upon your first published contribution, you will automatically start receiving monthly revenue statements, unless you explicitly request otherwise. To ensure that you get your money, include a mailing address to which cash can be mailed.


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