Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Fringes of Coherence

Why should I put words on something beyond words? I am completely done with using words to deny things that are beyond words, such as "love" (in its most elusive form) or "free will." But still, if I speak of "love" now, I am keenly aware of the weakness of this word as a vessel to carry meaning to a listener, and I don't necessarily consider myself any more "truthful" for using that word than if I had let my actions carry all of the communicable meaning. Of course, one possible meaning associated with the word "love" is an objective promise of devotion, and this in itself makes the word useful, but the subjective meanings are quite another matter. There is that part of love which blows where it will. And now I'm latching on to poetic language! Was that necessary? Have I communicated anything? What is it to me if someone says, "Right on!" and we both nod our heads at the same mystifying statement?


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