Thursday, March 19, 2009

Freakwenter Lyrics Award March 2009

Goes to Kristofferson Kris for "Pilgrim's Progress." Can't deny that the reference to evolution might have been the deciding factor.
Am I young enough to believe in revolution
Am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray
Am I high enough on the chain of evolution
To respect myself, and my brother and my sister
And perfect myself in my own peculiar way

I get lazy, and forget my obligations
I'd go crazy, if I paid attention all the time
And I want justice, but I'll settle for some mercy
On this Holy Road through the Universal Mind

I got lucky, I got everything I wanted
I got happy, there wasn't nothing else to do
And I'd be crazy not to wonder if I'm worthy
Of the part I play in this dream that's coming true


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I applaud your decision. These lyrics deserve an award.


4:51 PM  

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