Friday, May 21, 2010

A most dangerous game

My first gamble with the stock market was not as nice as my first time gambling in a casino. In the casino, I won a few dollars, but my investment in Ford (back in '06 or so) put me back about $200. But gambling is addictive and I'm addicted.

Here is a plot of the S&P 500 with green lines drawn where I bought and red lines drawn where I sold:

You should notice that there are more buy/sell lines near the right end of the graph. That's because I'm buying and selling more often now. Soon I will be a day trader. Let's zoom in on the end:

The last day on this plot looks like the price was just going up and up, but actually I was buying low and selling high. To see how this could have worked, you can check out the detailed intraday prices here.


Blogger Jennifer Jo said...

School House Rock has a song about this.

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