Thursday, June 23, 2011

The fast (and furious) food of Iran

Americans whine and cry about 1000-calorie McDonald's meals causing slow deaths for a nutritionally disengaged customer base that cares only about money and yummy. But McDonalds is nothing. Behold a 25 riyal ($6.90 USD) Iranian fast food meal deal:

The furious part was when I bit into an oddly-lonely green bean only to discover it was rather spicy. I was eating so fast that it was halfway swallowed by the time I noticed, so I had to finish swallowing it. I sweated and got the hiccups so bad I could hardly get down my yogurt drink (included in the meal) in time to prevent the spices from doing permanent damage. In the US you can probably sue a restaurant for including a spicy green bean in a meal without a printed warning.

Qatar has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world; about 1 in 1o Qataris are diabetic.


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