Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The Freakwenter is not, in principle, opposed to the use of violent force.  More to the point, the Freakwenter has no "principles," as it were.  What is left to guide a person with no principles?  It's simple: fear and greed.  That's right -- the Freakwenter lives by fear and greed.  What to be afraid of and what to be greedy for is an entirely bigger can.

The Freakwenter resents the fact the U.S. government takes the money of it's citizens to fund power struggles in the Middle East, on the order of $4 billion per year.  Greed.

The Freakwenter is not sure that the battles our tax dollars are paying for can possibly be won, due to a widespread perception that Israel is being unfair.  Fear.


Anonymous Mountaineer said...

Fear and greed: They are not default settings for the human spirit.

4:52 PM  

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