Friday, April 04, 2008

The Value of a Mankiw Referral

Greg Mankiw's blog averages nearly 10,000 visits daily. On March 29, he posted an amusing excerpt from dream recounted on another blog, Webloggistics:
I wake up, groggy, bed-headed, pajamaed. Lying next to me, fully dressed on top of the bed is Gregory Mankiw, the economist. "You're Greg Mankiw," I intelligently remark.
A quick look at Webloggistics shows that this is obviously not a big-time blog. On a typical post, readers comment about 3 times. But what happens to your readership when Greg Mankiw makes a referral to you on his blog? In the case of Webloggistics, not much. The post that Mankiw referred to has all of 7 comments, including this kind one:
You do realize that Mankiw read all this and posted it on his blog, right?
and this cruel one:
hey, also here from mankiw's blog... i think its pretty amazing that he actually linked to it but u still only have 6 comments :)
Oh well, Greg, you might be the world's greatest economics blogger, but your referrals still don't mean that much.


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