Friday, June 19, 2009

Healthcare Reform

You hear in the news that healthcare "costs" have been rising. Another way to put it is that healthcare "spending" is rising. The biggest reasons that Americans spend so much money on healthcare are reasons that no healthcare reform bill will dare to address.

The first reason that Americans buy lots of healthcare is that Americans have lots of health problems resulting from unhealthy eating habits, a lack of exercise, and longer working hours.

The second reason is that Americans are wealthy compared to most of the world, and healthcare is a great thing to spend money on when you have a lot of money. As technology advances, new and better mind-and-body-enhancing procedures are becoming available, such as lasik eye surgery or tummy tucks.


Anonymous Happypappy said...

In AARPtheMagazine (May&June 2009, p.32): "Rosanne M. Leipzig, M.D., Ph.D, says she's never seen patients so anxious about their health. They want to be X-rayed, scanned, and tested, even if they're feeling fine. They want to be checked for diseases they've heard about only on television or the Web. 'We've become hyperaware of our health,' notes Leipzig."

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