Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Opportunity to Cry

Willie Nelson sings this:
Just watched the sunrise on the other side of town
Once more I've waited and once more you've let me down
This would be a perfect time for me to die,
I'd like to take this opportunity to cry

You gave your word now I return it to you with this suggestion as to what you can do
Just exchange the words I love you for goodbye while I take this opportunity to cry
I'd like to see you but I'm afraid that I don't know wrong from right
And if I saw you would I kiss you or wanna kill you out of sight

It's been a long night so I think I'll go home,
And feed my nightmares they've been waiting all night long
They'll be the last ones to tell me goodbye
And they'll give me many opportunities to cry
They'll give me many opportunities to cry


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh that willie--he has a way with words!


8:33 AM  

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