Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blueprint for Restaurant II

My first blueprint for a restaurant never quite took off, though it might just need a bit more time to ferment. But I can't wait for the food services industry to finish stewing on that one because I have a fresh idea in my cooker.

Name: Food Cave

Product: Unprocessed foods. The only processing allowed is washing, chopping, boiling, drying, and roasting.

Theme 1: Escape from modern industrialization. Interior decoration includes cave paintings.

Theme 2: Standard look-at-me-I'm-so-green! features such as big windows, power supplied by windmill on the roof etc.

Location: Any educated middle-upper crust neighborhood.

Food list: Every veggie that can be eaten raw, all kinds of nuts, raw grains, whole milk of cow and goat, small steaks seasoned only with salt, boiled beans, hard boiled eggs still in the shell, mushrooms, a variety of greens, all kinds of fruit, and fresh hot roasted yams and potatoes and squash of every kind.

Layout: V-shape. Food is on the left. Cashiers are in the center. Crude tables are on the right. In the food section, which is about as large as the seating section, a cook is behind the food in full view chopping and boiling and roasting and answering questions about the food because it is mostly unlabeled. The food is divided into three categories: $7/lb for specialty items (berries, nuts, meats), $4/lb for mid-range things like fresh washed radishes, and $2/lb for cheap things that sell in large chunks, like unchopped carrots and roasted potatoes.


Anonymous Mountaineer said...

Ingenious! There are lots of options. Would the waiters wear skins? Helping with this could be my first retirement project.

4:43 PM  

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