Saturday, March 05, 2011

Introduction to Qatar

This will be my first time flying in about 7 years.

Qatar is a monarchy between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The oil rush expanded the population from about 22,000 nomads in 1900 to over a million residents at present. About 80% of these residents are foreign workers with temporary residence status. This partially explains why Qatar has the world's highest male/female ratio: 2.87. A related fact is that Qatar is -- or at least is perceived this way -- a repressive environment for women. The legal system is officially modeled on Islamic law. Eating in public during Ramadan is prohibited.

Summer temperatures in Doha, the capital, average 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Map source: incomprehensible but here it is.

Update: I added the map source after I noticed a surge in international traffic to this blog, as if the map were drawing in image searches for Qatar.


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