Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soviet Propaganda

I haven't done the research to figure out if this is real, but it sure looks real: the rumor is that the USSR used atomic bombs on 5 separate occasions to kill gas leaks, and here is how it happened:


Anonymous Joel said...

"This paper presents an historical review of the Soviet program to study and utilize industrial applications of peacefulnuclear explosions(PNEs)in the Soviet Union over theperiod 1965 to 1988"


"The use of nuclear explosions for closure of four runaway gas wells that defied all other techniques available in the Soviet Union proved to be a valuable application. It is possible that these wells could have been closed with conventional techniques available in the U.S., but the experience of the Soviet, PNE Program in this area is unique and may prove useful in some future emergency somewhere in the world."

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