Thursday, October 07, 2010

Product Review: Cutting Board

Wow, I really got my money's worth this time. This free cutting board, courtesy of CSN stores for my reviewing services, is big enough to hold a doozie of a turkey (think Thanksgiving folks, it's not far away).

The board is crafted to finer standards than I could have aspired to myself, with great attention to functionality without sacrificing anything in terms of style. Thickness is just enough to project the image of time-tested strength without being bulky. The groove running around the edge is just deep enough to keep stray turkey dribbles from ruining the Thanksgiving tablecloth without being so deep that you would have to use a brush on a pole to clean them out. The Chicago Cutlery logo on the front is always there to remind you that you're working with high quality equipment, lest you become so accustomed to convenience and beauty that you would forget.

As if a groove on the front were not enough, this highly sophisticated cutting board also has not one but two (one on each end) grooves on the back that leave space for your fingers so you don't have to break a fingernail trying to pry the board off a counter-top.

The designer of this cutting board was intelligent, it cannot be denied. I'll warrant he probably must have been an Amish man, so wholesomely cut are the straight wood slates that are pasted together to form the broad expanse of cutting surface, an expanse so broad that I could cut all the veggies in my house to smithereens without one fleck wandering over the edge and onto the floor, where it would attract rats and mice, no doubt, so let's be grateful that this will not happen because our dear cutting board is big enough!

I like it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last line is the clincher!


7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been using the same Chicago Cutlery knives for 28+ years. Just the other day a friend used my knives. She wondered where she could get a set. Their products are the best.

Aunt V.

7:05 AM  

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