Monday, November 06, 2006

Introduction to Pollacracy

Most eligible voters know that voting is not worth it, especially for people who have never voted before or don't know how to vote. The chances that taking a couple hours out of a hectic or fun-filled life to figure out how and where to vote and who to vote for will make ANY difference in the outcome of an election, much less a difference in the policies advocated by the winning candidate, are, needless to say, if you're still reading this sentence, negligible.

Unfortunately, half the people who do get out and vote are the ones not smart enough to understand this. No wonder our country is led by dumb politicians. Since Democracy isn't doing so well, it's time for something new.

A Pollacracy is essentially the same form of government as democracy except that, at election time, the government randomly selects a statistically sufficient sample of its citizens (called "pollacs") and requires them vote. This would be easier for almost all of us, and it would reduce America's demand for foreign oil by requiring that fewer people drive to the polls. So next time someone runs for office on a Pollacratic platform, please get out there and vote for her/it/him.


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