Monday, April 11, 2011

Pittsburgh Parking Tickets and Credit Reports

WTAE, a local Pittsburgh news agency, reported (er, um, quoted a city official saying) about a year ago that delinquent Pittsburgh parking tickets are not reported to credit bureaus:
They also don't go after your credit rating. No matter how many of these (parking tickets) you get, they won't have an effect on these (credit cards). Parking officials do not notify the three major credit bureaus about unpaid tickets.

David Onorato:
"No, we didn't take it that far."

Jim Parsons:
"So it doesn't impact a person's credit rating?"

David Onorato:

Jim Parsons:
"Why not? Why not do that?"

David Onorato:
"That was a decision made back in 2005 that hasn't been changed yet."
In a humble spirit of public service I am here to set the record straight. I didn't pay my parking ticket, and now it's on my credit report, posted there by a collection agency by the epithet "Professional Accounts MGM." That's a private company, so it seems that Pittsburgh sold the collection rights on my ticket.

Onorato is the director of Pittsburgh Parking Enforcement; he clearly would have known this could happen. It seems unlikely, but possible, that Pittsburgh sells the collection rights with the stipulation that the collectors not do credit reporting on these accounts. But even if this is true, can I expect Pittsburgh to crack down on the collection agency in my defense? Humph.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were you able to get it removed from your credit report? Having the same issue...

12:59 PM  
Blogger My Freakwentness said...

No, I caved in and paid the charge about 2 months ago. It's still on my credit report; I don't know how often they update.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That happened to me too. I saw the same news story and so decided not to pay a few tickets I had, because I just could not afford and if they weren't going to affect my credit and there weren't enough to have my car booted then I figured the hell with it. But then I received a collections notice, and what's worse is that since the car is registered to my dad he's the one whose credit was affected. I ended up emailing the guy who reported the story and accused him of falsely reporting, to which he replied that since that report the pittsburgh parking authority contracted with a collection agency, to which I replied back that that's a bunch of bull since I had received the tickets less than a month after he reported that story and when I talked to the someone at the PPA they said that they have always sent unpaid tickets to collections as long as she's worked there, which had only been some months but before that story came out, and he was obviously just trying to save his own ass by selling me some assumption that they had since contracted out. In short, don't ever trust this man's reporting; he clearly cannot get the truth out of people. Also, stuff like this can stay on a credit report up to 7 years, even after the fine has been paid.

5:33 AM  

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