Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Big Friendly Giant

Thanks to Chris Togneri for a great article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The future is brighter for one Pittsburgh slum, with a new restaurant titled BFG set to open soon:
... Edgos is close to opening a Greek cafe on Penn Avenue.

It will be called BFG Cafe, which has two meanings: First, Edgos is of Greek descent, and this is his Big Fat Greek Cafe. But the name also is a nod to its location at the confluence of three neighborhoods — Bloomfield, Friendship and Garfield — Edgos says are on the rebound.

Unfortunately the most rightful meaning of that acronym BFG appears to have been lost. I will have to notify the reporter. I think that the restaurant, set to open on one of Pittsburgh's major art corridors (or "arteries"), should sport a mural of the Big Friendly Giant, one of my favorite childhood tales:


Blogger Jennifer Jo said...

What are they going to serve---children?

9:45 AM  

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